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Mazes 2

Mazes #2

Shunya Map 1


Shunya 4




Struhl Map:

  • Start   20, 18
  • go around the interior, get the flower, pick it up.
  • 1 loop only




Heeyeon’s Map:

  • heeyeons_maze.jev
  • start Jeroo at (23,1) and pick up the flower  at that location
  • go to (1,23)
  • you may NOT pick a flower or visit a cell that has a flower (See animation at bottom)

Picture at start:


One Solution:heeyeons_maze


Brett’s Maze 2

Description: Start at 0,0, pick all the flowers then use them to toss() your way through the nets.   bretts-maze2


George’s Map  : Start at ( 10,0) , facing SOUTH,  Use 1 loop and pick the flowergeorges-map

 Paul’s Diagonal Map


 Matt’s All Flower Map
Map name :   matt_water_flower_map.jev
Directions: pick up all the flowers. Use 1 while loop. You can start and end wherever you want. Just make sure that the loop eventually terminates.
One strategy:

A Different strategy


Jar jar’s Haven:



Bismark’s Map

Directions: Pick all the flowers. Start anywhere ; end anywhere. Don’t die, Make sure the loop ends.



Diagonal Inwards
Fill up the Map
  • * Use a blank map and have 2 Jeroos fill up every spot with a flower.
  • Use a single loop (not an infinite one either)





Objective: A Jeroo starts at the southwest corner of the island, location (23,0), facing East with no flowers. There is a flower somewhere east of the Jeroo. There are zero or more hurdles, represented by nets, between the Jeroo and the flower. Each hurdle is a rectangular arrangement of nets with its base along the Southern Sea. The height and width of each hurdle is unknown. The number of hurdles and the spacing between the hurdles is unknown. There is at least one row of empty cells along the top and sides of each hurdle. There are no water features and no other Jeroos on the island. The only nets are those that define the hurdles. The goal of this program is to have the Jeroo jump all of the nets, pick the flower, and stop. A representative island is shown in figure 1.

  • start at bottom left
  • with zero flowers
  • use a single while loop
  • you may only hop() a single space (ie no hop(2), hop(3), hop(n) )
  •  pick the flower that is (generally) located on the right


Download all the island files


Solution : Not graded

two-hurdles.jev Not graded



Not graded


Extreme Hurdles.jev    8/10

Description:Write an infinite loop that makes your Jeroo travel around the perimeter of the island.  9/10

 Download this island file (steve’s maze)

steves maze


download-bttnJacob Icejet’s Map

  • this gets you the 10/10
  • use 1 while loop
  • the Jeroo should travel in an infinite loop around the perimeter of the map.





download-bttnjacob_icejet_map2 Extra credit

  • this is extra credit
  • 1 while loop
  • start with zero flowers
  • pick the one flower in the top right and use that to access the flower that is in the bottom middle.


Two Friends Meet

One Saturday morning, two friends, Bugs and Daffy, decide to meet and plant flowers to beautify Santong island. Daffy starts in the Northwest corner facing East with 90 flowers in his pouch. Bugs starts in the Northeast corner facing West with 90 flowers in his pouch. Bugs and Daffy begin hopping toward one another. As they hop, each plants exactly one flower at every location it enters, including its starting location. They meet, facing each other, roughly in the middle of row 0. After a handshake and a little small talk, Bugs and Daffy both turn toward the south and continue planting flowers all the way to the southern edge of the island. When both reach the South Sea, the say goodbye and part. Daffy turns west and plants flowers all the way to the Western Ocean. Bugs turns east and plants flowers all the way to the Eastern Ocean. This is where our story ends. Your task is to write a Jeroo program that will illustrate this story.

One possible solution to this project is represented in the picture below

Jeroo Walk The Lake with Loops


Original Project Descriptions is here

Acknowledgement This problem is adapted from one that was created originally by Erica Eddy of The University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

Your jeroo is exploring the outer perimeter of the lake. It starts next to a flower and travels the entire way around the lake. Have your jeroo stop immediately before the flower (using a loop) and then, after the loop is over,  your jeroo should pick the flower.

Downloaddownload-bttn the maps

Map #1 : rectangular-lake.jev arrow_right_large
recangular-lake-if2.jev arrow_right_large  
For this one, your Jeroo should travel around the entire outer rim of the island and stop immediately before the flower.
Remember Nets kill Jeroosrectangular-lake-bumps2.jev arrow_right_large  
Write a loop that makes the jeroo travel around the lake below. This loop should never end. walk-the-lake-jacks-map.jevs