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Online Computer Science Resources Courses

 Binary Numbers

Web Developmemnt

Learning Java

  • Stanford’s Online Youtube Video set “Programming Methodology
  • Udacity’s  Intro to Java Class
  • self paced, and run by Cay Horstman a well known programming educator who, among other things, has worked with parts of the college board’s AP exam


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers, Programming Languages, Algorithms, and the Java Programming Environment
    Lesson 2: Introduction to Classes and Objects
    Lesson 3: Graphics
    Lesson 4: Fundamental Data Types
    Lesson 5: Decisions
    Lesson 6: Iterations
    Lesson 7: Arrays, ArrayLists and Simple Array Algorithms
    Lesson 8: Methods (Parameter Passing, Instance vs. Static Methods)
    Lesson 9

  • edX – into to Java
    • not self paced
  • Syllabus
    Week 1: Introduction to computing systems from hardware, software and problem solving aspects
    Week 2: Basic data types, variables, assignment statements and expressions
    Week 3: Objects, classes and methods; scope rules, Java documentation
    Week 4: Boolean expressions, control structures
    Week 5: Loops
    Week 6: Arrays and multidimensional arrays
    Week 7: Character string and file I/O
    Week 8: Recursion
    Week 9: Abstract data type
    Week 10: Simple event-driven programming and wrap up

  • : Inheritance

  • j


Web programming

Vim Text Editor

From Quora :


Installing Vim:

  1. get Vim
  2. follow these instructions (windows 7)

Overview of Vim, with some examples of what it can do for you

Some good Youtube vids



Beyond the basics


Helpful Shortcut