Objective: A Jeroo starts at the southwest corner of the island, location (23,0), facing East with no flowers. There is a flower somewhere east of the Jeroo. There are zero or more hurdles, represented by nets, between the Jeroo and the flower. Each hurdle is a rectangular arrangement of nets with its base along the Southern Sea. The height and width of each hurdle is unknown. The number of hurdles and the spacing between the hurdles is unknown. There is at least one row of empty cells along the top and sides of each hurdle. There are no water features and no other Jeroos on the island. The only nets are those that define the hurdles. The goal of this program is to have the Jeroo jump all of the nets, pick the flower, and stop. A representative island is shown in figure 1.

  • start at bottom left
  • with zero flowers
  • use a single while loop
  • you may only hop() a single space (ie no hop(2), hop(3), hop(n) )
  •  pick the flower that is (generally) located on the right


Download all the island files


Solution : Not graded

two-hurdles.jev Not graded



Not graded


Extreme Hurdles.jev    8/10

Description:Write an infinite loop that makes your Jeroo travel around the perimeter of the island.  9/10

 Download this island file (steve’s maze)

steves maze


download-bttnJacob Icejet’s Map

  • this gets you the 10/10
  • use 1 while loop
  • the Jeroo should travel in an infinite loop around the perimeter of the map.





download-bttnjacob_icejet_map2 Extra credit

  • this is extra credit
  • 1 while loop
  • start with zero flowers
  • pick the one flower in the top right and use that to access the flower that is in the bottom middle.