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Limitations of Inheritance

why Interfaces Are Useful

We are going to write a class that sorts some of the classes we have already written –namely : the Account and Student classes that we wrote in the past. Specifically, this class is going to sort Student and accounts by their grade point averages and their account balances , respectively..

Organizer Skeleton class (You only have to fill in 1 method)

Class : Organizer

The Constructor

  • The constructor is completely written for you already. It creates an array of Accounts and an array of Student. It also sends the arrays to both of the sort methods described below. You only need to write 1 method : public static void sort (Student[] arr) which is described below.

Accessor Methods

  • Sort Methods
    • public static void sort(Account [] arr)// Implemented this for you
    • public static void sort (Student[] arr) //basically…modify the sort method above so that it works for the Student class by comparing how old they are

What if we wanted to sort the PlayList class and add the method void sort(PlayList[] lists)?

Answer: We’d have to yet again add a whole new method that is very similar to the two sort methods we already wrote

Final Alice Assignment

This is your “cumulative Assignment”

  • It must tell a story
  • Minimum of 5 objects


Programming Requirements

  • Some kind of interactive event (#27) . Something should happen when a mouse is pressed, key is pressed etc


10 points of the following


  • Loop    (2 points )
  • variable (1 point)
  •  function (1 point)
  • custom object (save to file etc)  2 points