Jeroo Walk The Lake with Loops


Original Project Descriptions is here

Acknowledgement This problem is adapted from one that was created originally by Erica Eddy of The University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

Your jeroo is exploring the outer perimeter of the lake. It starts next to a flower and travels the entire way around the lake. Have your jeroo stop immediately before the flower (using a loop) and then, after the loop is over,  your jeroo should pick the flower.

Downloaddownload-bttn the maps

Map #1 : rectangular-lake.jev arrow_right_large
recangular-lake-if2.jev arrow_right_large  
For this one, your Jeroo should travel around the entire outer rim of the island and stop immediately before the flower.
Remember Nets kill Jeroosrectangular-lake-bumps2.jev arrow_right_large  
Write a loop that makes the jeroo travel around the lake below. This loop should never end. walk-the-lake-jacks-map.jevs