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Mini Open Ended Project

Normally we dedicate an entire quarter to a project. We will instead be dedicating about 2/3 of the quarter.

The parameters are similar but not quite so grand in scope. To get an A, you must create a complex web product . This could be a single interactive application or multiple pages . Simple ideas to get to that point include:

  • a multipage form validation product
    • Multiple pages like the login form
      • validate other things – maybe credit cards
  • A to do list that uses jQuery for animation
  • a game that uses ( not trivial,  but fun)
  • Learn php and mysql to create a simple login system. This would only be for those of you who have been able to successfully setup apache, mysql –probably only the windows users.

Ways to add complexity:

  • include loops
  • include arrays
  • include a 3rd party javascript library like jQuery, Vue  etc..
  • I know  jQuery or undescore , if you want something where I can add somequick tidbits when you’re stuck


Everybody must use git and have at least 20 commits over the span of the rest of the quarter.


Examples of finished product and grades:

  1. Advanced Form Validation
    • credit card validation using luhn algorithm
    • registration page
      • email
      • password
      • confirm password
      • gender
      • etc..
  2. 1-3 calculators. The # should depend on the complexity
  3. 2 or 3 pages that involve form validation
    • Example :
    • Maybe not the most fun but closes to what we have done in class
  4. Come up with something that you want to do and make it happen.

Mr Morris, I just want to pass.

  • then, do a multi page layout that makes use of foundation instead of bootstrap. Foundation is a similar css  framework, No javascript needed but grade ceiling will be low.