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Lynda PHP Assignments[2016-17]

Both classes

Back to SUPA 3rd/4th quarters


Should watch “history of php” from

and then

“configuring php” from

Then go to the appropriate video course

NOTE: if you were in CS II last year, you *must* use Option 1, unless you get permission from me.


PHP Web Design  PHP Mysql

 Skip introduction, do everything else

Unit 1

Skip installation, go right to “first steps”


Supa Web Programming 2016-17

Quarter 3

NOTE: if you were in CS II last year, you *must* use Option 1, unless you get permission from me.

  1. PHP
    1. Option 1 : PHP for Web Designers link
    2. Option 2: PHP with Mysql Essential Training link

You should use Option 2 if you either a) feel confident in your programming background or have experience programming outside of the class 2) took the AP class last year.

SKIP Installation unit except for Configuring php


Full assignment breakdown here 



Below are some courses that you can explore as you consider ramping up your skills for the 4th quarter independent study.

Further study in PHP .

  1. PHP and MySql beyond the basics (link) . Pre-req for the MVC patterns. This shows you how to use OOP, something I’d recommend for the AP students. Most MySql connections now require OOP(object oriented programming)
  2. MVC pattern for php applications link  . Note Laravel is, by far, the most respected framework . At the end, I would recommend using Laravel. If not, try codeigniter
  3. PHP and Ajax Good for anyone interested in modern websites . Or for more interactive games
  4. Creating Secure Websites (link)

HTML5/Javascript Games

  1. Learn how to use the most popular game framework,, with this video :
    1. Making Asteriods with Phaser (link) . Asteriods is a classic “first game”. You would need to make more than just a single game, but it would be a good start.


Quarter 4

This quarter will be comprised of an extended independent project that can be focused on anything web related. Note: If you are taking next year’s AP class, you must choose a rigorous programming project.

a) choosing a long term project that requires extended learning.  At least 1-3 classes (I will need to see that you completed 100% of at least 1 class)

b) you must write a proposal that details

  1. what the final product will be
  2. What new skills/learning you will undertake to achieve this new product
  3.  what Lynda course(s) you will study to learn the skills from #2