Jslider Extra Credit Jeroo Map

Description: Pick all of the flowers in the map below  using just 1 while loop
  • However, the loop does not need to end. Meaning after all the flowers are picked it’s ok for the Jeroo to continue to go through the loop and move around forever.
  • However, if you can do it with just 1 while loop  (you can get extra credit). See how Matt k did it
  • Map location: maps-student\mazes\mazes-2\jslider-map.jev
  • Extra Credit amounts :
    • Used 50 lines or fewer = Max credit
      • Tip : To try to get this few lines of code you will probably need to avoid a custom method for interior of lake.
    • Used  60 lines or fewer   = 3 points EC (that’s a lot)
    • Used  70 lines or fewer   = 2 points EC (that’s a lot)
    • Used 100 lines or fewer = 1 points EC
Current record for fewest lines : 32 lines of code
The Kukai Method

The Sam Smith Method

The Hamza Method

Cody Smith Method


Christian’s Bismarck  Solution