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Bootstrap Presentation


  1. PPT highlight and explaining the most important parts, screenshots showing the code, and what it does ( ie. a screenshot also from the web page)
  2.  Use codepen to create demos illustrating the key elements of your topic . Pro tip- do not wait until the last minute to try to figure out codepen.

I have been asked “How many examples should I have”?

And there is no one answer. You should convey the “major important” aspects. Absolute bare minimum is 5 code examples but there is no need to kill us with redundant code that only has small changes.

bootstrap.topics.txt (


Your First Git – Tips


  1. setting up your name and email:
  2.  bat file to automatically change directory and run git status

Create a new  text file and add the code below. Then rename the file  so that is a batch file. (ie. that its file extension is “.bat” instead of .txt) .


SUPA Web 2020-21


Important Links

Live Reload


Tip and tricks for git


Bootstrap 4

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


2018-19 Version

Quarter 4 project – years past


Bootstrap Based Tip Calculator UX


Microbit Firia Lab Concepts

  1. Unit 1
    1. Datatypes (scroll vs show())
  2. Unit 2
    1. Variables (delay= 1000)
    2. Roman Translator Standalone Assign
  3. Unit 3
    1. while loop
  4. Unit 4
    1. break statement
  5. Unit 5
    1. Intro to lists
  6. Unit 6
    1. Lists
    2. len function
    3. random index from list (Answer Bot)
    4. Cycling through a list
    5. type function
  7. Unit 7
    1. Probability Lab
  8. Unit 8
    1. def() using functions
  9. Unit 9