Mazes 1

Objective: To use while loops to get the Jeroo to pass through each maze and get the flower. It is possible to write a solution to both of these mazes using a single while loop–albeit this loop will have several( about 5 or 6) if tests! It is important for this problem that you do NOT simply hand code this. To get an A on both of these assignments you must use 1 single while loop per maze.
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Shunya 3



Aliya’s Map


 Mazes 2 (start in top left, 1 loop to pick flower)



Shunya 2



Yuna’s Original Maze





 island-3-D (start in the top left, and get to the bottom right)




4) ZigZag   : Use 1 while loop (not infinite), follow the flowers, picking them up and use those flowers traverse over the nets. Notice where the Jeroo ends (ie your while loop condition)


5)  Spell Z (Blank Map)

  1. start at 0 , 0 with 70 flowers.
  2. Use a single while loop to spell a letter z



Last and most definitely not least:

island3-C ** A+ assignment.

This is the deceptively hard and should be done last and only if you want that A+



Done all of the maps? Start on the next set here

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