RPN Calc Assignment

Use A Stack Class to create a RPN calculator

Part I : RPN Math Class

Input: String representing RPN syntax

Parse the String  (Maybe a separate method)

Calculate the return value of the RPN syntax.

Examples of Syntax

  • “3 -5 * “ -15


IF invalid syntax is entered, your method should throw an ArrithmeticException

Things to Support

  • negative numbers (vs subtraction)
  • decimal points
  • multiple spaces between characters

Part II: The GUI

  • Numbers 0-9
  • negative
  • 5 operators
  • Enter button
  • Clear button
  • System.exit(0) button
  • ** EC: support for keypresses including enter

Part III: **EC : Infix to postfix (allow users to enter numbers in infix)


Send me the jar file.