Sorting Algorithm Assignment

Sorting Algorithm


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You will be given a sorting algorithm to research and to present to the class in a powerpoint. Your powerpoint should

  1. in general terms explain how the algo works
  2. show Java code for the algorithm
  3. have an animation demonstrating how the algorithm works (step by step)
  4.  clearly explain how the code (in each line) relates to the code (most important and easy to forget step)
  5. It’s important that you can explain each line of the code
  6. state best,worst, average case for the data and, in particular, state how the original state of data affects run time performance
    1. in order
    2. random
    3. in reverse order

Grading Rubric Algorithm Project








  Big Oh

(double weight)

Addresses best/worst/ave cases with clear connection to all aspects of code


Addresses best/worst/ave cases  but does not relate to all relevant code Addresses best/worst/ave cases  but does not connect to code/is too general Does not address all 3 cases Big Oh or does not connect to code in meaningful way

 Animation of algorithm(double weight)




Animation is clearly connected to all aspects of code Animation is connected to critical areas of code Animation is not clearly connected to actual code Animation and code are not related to one another

 Overview(double weight)


Gives a clear and enlightening overview of how the algo works in general. Overview of algorithm is technically correct and discusses most of the relevant features. Algorithm is vaguely summarized or is not well explicated.

Algorithm is not explained in a meaningful way.