Scavenger Hunt and relay race

Relay Race

Download both island files.

Objective: Three Jeroos (you give them names) are practicing for the Santong Relays. Figure 5 shows the course at the start of the race. The first Jeroo begins at (4,9) facing EAST. It must pick the flower and give it to the second Jeroo who begins at (7,13) facing NORTH. The second gives the flower to the third Jeroo who begins at (4,15) facing WEST. The third Jeroo must plant the flower at (3,16), run to (3,21) and stop

Scavenger Hunt


      Two Jeroos start at opposite ends of Long Island, one at (3,5) facing EAST, and one at (5,18) facing WEST. Each Jeroo is supposed to pick two flowers. The first one can be from anywhere along the edge of the island, and the second must be the one in the center. The first one to pick the center flower is declared the winner. There are a few rules to this scavenger hunt.

    • The Jeroos can only turn LEFT
    • The Jeroos must take turns, each doing only thing in each turn: hop(), turn(LEFT), or pick()
    • A Jeroo can only hop forward one space in its turn.

Download both island files.