Rock Paper Scissors [Alice 2]

Rock, Paper Scissor Game

We are going to create a Rock, Paper, Scissors game using Alice loops and if/else ‘s

  1. 1.Add a “rock”, “paper” and “scissors” objects to screen and enlarge them all to approximately the same size:rock-paper-scissors
  2. Make a Boolean variable called gamePlaying  and set its initial value to true : gamePlayingBoolean

3.Add a while loop based on gamePlaying

while loop

4. Make a variable called cpuChoice.   cpuChoice  is a number This variable will represent what the computer randomly chooses (rock, paper or scissors)

5. Use the world function that generates a random number so that the random number is an integer between 1 and 3 , inclusive.


Store the return value of that random number generator into cpuChoice  at the beginning of the loop


6. Debugging has many meanings. Experienced developers build debugging and logging into the development of their programs from the start.

  • We are going to do that in Alice by “watching” the cpuChoice variable

7. Right click on cpuChoice  and select watch this variable


8 .Now we have the computer randomly choosing either 1,2, or 3 and these numbers will represent rock, paper and scissors respectively

So, what do you think we should do next?

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