Intro To Java Assignments (2013-14)

Arrays II

  • Arrays in Demo
  • Test : June 10th/11th (Arrays and two dimensional arrays)
  • Two Dimensional Arrays
  • The problem with Arrays
  • Array 2 (codingbat)  Do any 18 questions.  You can get extra credit for doing any of the last 4.  EOD Sunday  May 31st
    • All students must do sum67
  • Array Fun 2 (due by EOD Tuesday May 13rd )
  • Array Fun 1 (email to me by EOD Tuesday May 6th)


  • short circuiting
  • Array 1 Coding Bat  type questions
  • default values of arrays
  • arrays in memory(value vs reference)
  • swapping values in an array without creating a new array like this coding bat problem–assuming you didn’t make a new array
  • Coding Bat : Array 1 (Thursday April 24th-that’s day of the 2nd class after the April break)
  • Short Circuiting

April 2nd

      • Test (April 2nd/3rd)
      • All coding bat warm up and String 1’s must be completed by then
      • Strings immutable,



Strings (the basics)

String Cheat Sheet

String str ="ABCDEFG"

String firstLetter = str.substring(0,1)

String firstTwoLetters = str.substring(0,2)

String lastLttr = str.substring(str.length() -1)

String last_2_lttrs = str.substring(str.length() -2 )

String middle_lttr = str.substring(str.length()/2 , str.length()/2 +1)
Unit 2

Extra credit: Looping over Strings


Unit I
Deadline the day you return from feb break


Midterm Quiz

*Wed/Thursday 21st/22nd

      • definitions:
        • pass by value
        • pass by reference
      • C++ memory usage (see last asssessment) . Yes, pretty much same questions with different numbers
      • floating point error
      • understand of whether the following data types are pass by value vs reference in Java
        • int
        • double
        • boolean