Alice Projects (if-else and loops)


  • Packets #12 -14
  • 1)Kick Ball Create a world with your choice of a ball from the Sports collection and your choice of person from the People collection. Position the ball in front of one of the person’s feet. When you play the world, it should ask the user how far the person should kick the ball. Then the person object should move one of its legs in a kicking motion, and appear to kick the ball. The ball should move the distance specified by the user.
  • 2) Miles Per Gallon: Create a world in which the user is asked for the number of gallons of fuel his or her car can hold, and the number of miles that he or she can drive on a full tank. Use variables to hold these values. You should also have a variable to hold the car’s miles-per-gallon (MPG). Calculate the MPG with the following formula

    The world should have a person and a car. In the initial setup the car should approach the camera and the car should drive into view and stop in front of the camera. The person should then say a message indicating the car’s MPG, as calculated from the data entered by the user. Then, the car should drive away, to a position of the world
  • 3) Fahrenheit to Centigrade : The following formula is used to convert Fahrenheit temperature to Centigrade temperature:
      C = (5/9) * (F − 32)

    In the formula, C is the Centigrade temperature and F is the Fahrenheit temperature. Create a world in which the user is asked to enter a Fahrenheit temperature. Use a math expression to convert the temperature to Centigrade and store the converted temperature in a variable. Use a character from the People collection to say the centigrade temperature.

  • 4) Circle’s Area and Circumference: Create a world with your choice of person from the People collection. When you play the world, it should ask the user how for the radius of a circle. (This value should be stored in a variable ). The person should then say the area and the circumference of the circle.(circumference formula , area of a circle) (For an extra point do the same thing with a “Sphere”. Ask the user for the radius and calculate the .
  • ** Project 5 )For those shooting for an A. Look up the formulas for the volume and surface area of a cylinder . Ask the user for the height of the cylinder and the radius, which should be stored in variables. Then calculate the surface area and volume of the cylinder . See if there is a cylinder shape in the gallery to use as a visual aid.

Part II

  • Complete Packets #15, 16
  • Exercise 1 GumdropFish Modification: Modify the GumdropFish world that you created in Tutorial 4-2 so that the fish eats both of the gumdrops. First it should eat the gumdrop that is closest (as it currently does) , and then it should move to the other gumdrop and eat it. Both gumdrops should have their magical effect on the fish: the red gumdrop should make the fish twice its current size, and the yellow gumdrop should make the fish half its current size.
  • Exercise 2 FanLoop Modification: Modify the FanLoop world on the Student CD so it asks the user for the number of times the fan blades should rotate. Use this value in the Loop statement to control the number of times the roll method is called.
  • Exercise 3 Sea Plane Loop-the-Loop : Create a world with a sea plane (from the Vehicles collection).Create an infinite loop that causes the sea plane to do a circular loop the loop. Adjust the style and duration editing tags to make the animation fast, and as smooth as possible.
  • Exercise 4 Centigrade to Fahrenheit Modification: Modify the Fahrenheit to centigrade project as follows. At the start, ask the user how many temperatures they want to convert. Then use a loop to do that many conversions
  • Exercise 5 Miles Per Gallon Modification: Modify the miles per gallon project in the same way as the prior exercise. Ask the user how many miles per gallons they want to convert, and then use a loop to repeat the miles per gallon calculations.