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Class Roster Array Version [Java] Assignment

Class Roster: This class will implement the functionality of all roster for school. It will , in essence, manage an Array of Student objects. Each roster will store a default of 10 Students

  • “global” Instance Variables
    • private Student myStudents   : an array storing Student Objects
    • private String className  (a name to represent a given roster like “Ap CS”)
    • public int period //during which period of the day does this roster meet
  • a default constructor should initialize the Array to store 20 strings
    a single parameter constructor that takes an Array <String>
    Both constructors should initialize the instance variables
  • Methods
    • Accessors
      • private int indexOf(Student st) //@returns index of Student St or -1
      • public boolean containsStudent(Student studentName )/ /@returns true if studentName is in roster .
      • public boolean equals(ClassRoster other) //@ returns whether or not rosters are equal. Rosters are equal if identical students are in identical order in the lists
    • Mutators:

public void addStudent(String studentName, int age) ;// adds student name and age to end of roster

. Hint: Make user of the containsStudent() method
public boolean removeStudent(int ssnId ) // removes student from roster based on id. Make sure that you maintain the integrity of the parallel ArrayLists.

public boolean removeStudent(String name) //removes student based on name. Make sure that you maintain the integrity of the parallel ArrayLists.

public  boolean removeStudent( Student st) //removes student st. Make sure that you maintain the integrity of the parallel ArrayLists.

Student Object (OOP Java)

Student Class

A school district decided to write a program to help keep track of various parts of the school.

It has been decided to store relevant information about Students in a Student class. Each Student will have an array of Strings to store the names of his or her teachers.

private instance variables


Part 1

* Construct the Java statement to declare the array called

teachersNames to store the String names of the student’s teachers

Part 2

  • write a default constructor
  • construct a method called  addTeacher( String name) that adds String name to the  teachersNames  array
    • to do this let’s create a private method  private String[] addStr( String[] input, String val) that adds value to the end of the array and returns it. [redact]Solution[/redact]
  • construct hasTeacher(String name)  that returns true if name is in the teachersName array
  • construct a method removeTeacher(String name) that removes the   String name from the  teachersNames  array.
  • construct a method the line of code needed in the setGpa(double to) method of the Student Class.
  • construct a method boolean setTeacher (String name, int index) .   This method should return true if index is valid in the array and false if  index >= teachersName.length


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