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Nested Loops Projects


Nested Loop Starter Code

Method 1) printRectangle()

Change the code from the demonstration of nested loops so that you output the following pattern below. Call this method printSqure()


Method 2 and 3)

diagAndBrders()                                                    noDiag()

diagonal_only                      diagonal

Method 4)




String Lab Assignment

In this lab, you will work with a GUI to validate the input in each text field . Below is a screenshot of the running program.  Download Source File


Validate that each of the following criteria has been met.

  1. User’s name
    1.  at least 3 characters
    2. only upper and lower case letters allowed
  2. Password
    1. at least 4 characters
    2. cannot contain the user’s name
  3. Email
    1. Must include an “@”
    2. Must include a “.”
    3. the “.” must come after the “@”
  4. Phone
      1. where each”X” must be an integer value
      2. each “-” must be in the correct location
  5. Date of Birth
    1. Max age is 110
    2. Minimum accepted age is 18
      1. If the user is less than 18, display the message. “Sorry you must at least 18 years of age for this service”
  6. Zip Code
    1. Each character must be an integer
    2. Length between 3 and 5 , inclusive






A  file that does a few test cases (be careful not to overwrite your work)